Funders and Partners


Feature Funder

One of MHHC’s most consistent financial supporters have been Wildlife Habitat Canada and the Canadian Waterfowl Hunters that fund conservation across the country. This partnership has resulted in initiatives benefiting more than 55,000 acres of waterfowl habitat in Manitoba.

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MHHC would like to gratefully thank our funders for the support they provide in allowing landowners of Manitoba to conserve important natural habitats. Without their support habitat conservation in Manitoba would not be possible.

Key financial supporters of MHHC programming include the following organizations:

  • whc-logo_rgb
    Wildlife Habitat Canada
  • wwcd_rgb
    Whitemud Watershed Conservation District
  • us-fws
    United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • tmcd_rgb
    Turtle Mountain Conservation District
  • wi-largeseal
    State of Wisconsin
  • mississippi_rgb
    State of Mississippi
  • louisiana_gameandfish
    State of Louisiana
  • illinois
    State of Illinois
  • arkansas_rgb
    State of Arkansas
  • seinerateriver
    Seine Rat River Conservation District
  • pvcd
    Pembina Valley Conservation District
  • mb-logo
    Sustainable Development
  • logo-4
    Manitoba Beef Producers
  • mb-logo
    Manitoba Agriculture
  • eccc_fip_en_fr
    Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • eicd_rgb
    East Interlake Conservation District
  • logo-3
    Delta Waterfowl

Our Partners

MHHC is part of a wider conservation community and through their support MHHC is able to expand its conservation impact throughout Manitoba.

  • newlogouarcdclipped
    Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District
  • university_of_manitoba_logo
    University of Manitoba
  • logo-2
    The Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • swanlakewatershed
    Swan Lake Watershed Conservation District
  • topbanner
    Prairie Habitat Joint Venture
  • naturemanitoba-logo-website2016_0
    Nature Manitoba
  • Howdy Doody
    Manitoba Landowners
  • mb-logo
    Manitoba Infrastructure
  • think_trees
    Manitoba Forestry Association
  • mcdalogo
    Manitoba Conservation Districts Association
  • lasalle_logo
    La Salle Redboine Conservation District
  • kap_logo_2015
    Keystone Agricultural Producers
  • logo-1
    Internation Institute for Sustainable Development
  • du_logo
    Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • cwhp
    Critical Wildlife Habitat Program
  • bsclogo
    Bird Studies Canada
  • amm-logo
    Association of Manitoba Municipalities
  • logo1
    Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
  • aafcaesblogo2
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada