A Natural Filter

helloRiparian, Uplands

Situated in a rugged valley between Roseisle and St. Lupicin is an ecologically diverse piece of land that plays an important role in the health of the local watershed and its people. Developing a love for the area from spending time at her Grandparents’ home, Shirley and Ted Ross decided to make it their home in 1999. Being enthralled with … Read More

A Home For All

helloPotholes Plus Program

“Everybody says, ‘go to the lake and buy a cottage,’ but we don’t have to” said Marlin Firby, a mixed farmer and long-time resident of the Minnedosa area. It isn’t necessary because there is a small lake right outside the window of their home that will never be drained. The Firbys appreciate seeing the birds and other wildlife and have … Read More