GROW & Watersheds 2020

The Trust is excited to share the projects which will receive funding from the NEW GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds (GROW) Trust (16 projects) and the Watershed category of the Conservation Trust (4 projects). $5.6 million dollars will be granted for 20 projects, delivered through 14 Watershed Districts and 2 organizations. A significant portion of the grant money will go to incentive payments for producers to “farm the best, conserve the rest”. For more details on each project click the link below.

GROW & Watersheds 2020 Funded Projects


Conservation Trust 2020

The Trust Trust is pleased to announce that the second funding cycle of Conservation is complete. Successful proposals from 18 organizations for 23 projects, total $1.8 million dollars granted and $5.4 million in match, for a total investment of more than $7 million.

To see a detailed list of funded projects  click on the category of interest.


Soil Health


Connecting People to Nature


Habitat and Wildlife


Planning and Innovation

Conservation Trust 2019

The first funding cycle of the Conservation trust saw $2.2 million dollars granted for 41 projects to 35 organizations, with $5.6 million in match. For more details on each project click the link below.

Conservation Trust Projects 2019


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